3 Ways To Bring Geography & Spatial Thinking into Your Classroom Tomorrow

This past fall I participated in UGA’s Innovation 20/20 series. Innovation 20/20 is just that: 20 minutes of lecture on classroom innovations, followed by 20 minutes of discussion with the audience. The college nominates instructors that are doing interesting things in their classrooms and gets them to discuss how they incorporate these innovations into their teaching practices. I was honored to be chosen to give a talk and used this soapbox to get people thinking about geography.

My talk, “The World Isn’t Flat – But Our Teaching Methods Might Be,” discusses some of the value in geography and spatial thinking in every day classroom practices. The talk begins with a bit of theory and a bit of explanation, and finishes with demonstrations of fun and interesting activities that anyone can incorporate into their teaching to get their students thinking more deeply about space.

Please take a look and provide any feedback or comments below. Would also love to hear what you are doing to bring geographic thinking into non-geography contexts!

One thought on “3 Ways To Bring Geography & Spatial Thinking into Your Classroom Tomorrow

  1. Love your response to your mom’s question -“it helps us solve problems…gives us a chance to exercise some creativity and in turn understand the world in new and diff ways, and maps give us the oppr to engage in these activities.”

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