#AAG2014: Rethinking Mapping & My Conference Presentation Method

This week, I will be traveling to Tampa, FL along with two of my classmates to present at the AAG (Association of American Geographers) Annual Conference. All of us will be speaking about geography education – Erin will discuss the pedagogy of the Farmers Market, Jess, the portrayal of global citizenship education in the Social Studies & The Young Learner, et moi, a study on rethinking mapping for teaching preservice teachers about geography.

I am still new on the academic conference scene – unsure of what a presentation “should” look like, sound like, or be like. I have been to conferences where it is the norm to read a paper, while at others, the presentations have been based around audience participation in some type of teaching practice. For this particular conference session, I decided to prepare a HaikuDeck for a more visual-based presentation on the paper I am presenting (inspired by these words of wisdom from Entrepreneur.com). You can check it out here, or by clicking the image below. Make sure to fullscreen when viewing for the best visual experience :)!


What I like about HaikuDeck is its connection to the Flickr Creative Commons  (a depository of user-uploaded photos to Flickr). Through a simple search in HaikuDeck, you can find high-quality visuals that are free and licensed for use in your presentation. NO HASSLE. It even provides a nifty link to that photographer’s Flickr page so they receive their due credit – see the “cc” button in HaikuDeck button in the upper lefthand corner of that above image? It’ll take you there.

Another great feature of HaikuDeck is the yellow progress bar at the bottom of the screen (when in fullscreen mode). This baby will let your audience know how many more slides they have to listen to you drone on inspiring them!


What is your go-to conference presentation method? Are you Powerpoint? Post-powerpoint? A simple speaker? User of some other snazzy online tool I should know about?

Like what you see? Come see us at AAG! We would love to talk you more about our work in (geography) education.  

Our Presentations at a Glance: 

Tuesday, April 8th at 2:40pm, Room 13, TCC, First Floor

  • Session – Reading the Road Map: A Research Agenda for Early Career Scholars in Geography Education, In this session, I will present with UGA Alum, Dr. Joseph Stoltman, on a paper we authored together (alongside other wonderful early career geoed folks). “Teacher Education: The Crossroads for Improved Geography Teaching” delves into past, present, and potential future practices for geography teacher education.

Wednesday, April 9th, 10:00am, Meeting Room 11, Marriott, Third Floor

  • Session – Gail Hobbs Student Paper Competition, Jess & I will be speaking in this session alongside three other graduate students. We are all presenting original research on topics in geography education.

Friday, April 11, 2:40pm, Room 17, TCC, First Floor

  • Session: Economic and social benefits of famers markets, CSAs, and food hubs, Erin speaks in this session about her study on the pedagogy and curriculum of the farmers market. She will be joined by three other scholars who will discuss topics related to farmers and market strategies, as well as social and civic engagement around farmers markets.

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