Wow! Thank You!

Since I launched my survey, I have had great responses from former and current geography teachers from all over the word! Every response is helpful to my own dissertation work, and ultimately provides much needed data about the working lives of geography educators.

If you haven’t already, please take the time to complete the survey by following this link: On average, it has taken participants about 12 minutes to complete.

In upcoming months, I will be conducting focus group activities with educators. We will engage in map-making, way-finding, and photography using digital and social media in ways that connect to geography curricula. Not only will these focus groups provide me with wonderful interactions with geography teachers, and in turn, data for my dissertation, these activities will also be able to be re-created by teachers with students at the P-12 level. All activities will be connected to various geography curricula and in turn, useful beyond the focus group itself. These focus groups will take place in Georgia, online through Google Hangouts, and also at the National Council for Geography Education’s annual meeting this summer in Washington, D.C.

Further, I will be working one-on-one with current geography teachers. In the survey responses so far, one striking piece of data is that many teachers WANT to use GIS in their instruction, but don’t know where to begin, or don’t have access to the necessary technology. I would LOVE to work with geography teachers in incorporating GIS into their teaching and showing them the ways that the use and creation of digital maps can augment geography instruction, even when technology is scarce. I have worked at Esri, the leading GIS company in the world, and also received a GIS Certificate during my Masters work at the University of Miami. I would love to spread the love of GIS with you and your students! 🙂

If the focus groups or one-on-ones are of interest to you, please email me at I am still looking for more participants. 

For more information about the survey and this research project, please see my previous post.

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