Join us for a Mini-Conference on Using Spatial Theories in Education Next Tuesday, April 14!

Mini Conference April 14 in Aderhold 116

This year, Stephanie Jones led us, a group of education doctoral students, through in-depth readings of various texts in spatial theory. After we dabbled in Soja and bonded over Bourdieu, we individually embarked upon putting different types of spatial theories to work in our own research. This mini-conference is a culmination of that work and aims to demonstrate what thinking with space can open up in the educational research landscape.

Attendees of the mini-conference will have the opportunity to attend two different sessions. They may choose to interact with presentations on: The Spaces of Learning and Teaching, The Politics of Educational Spaces, or Relational Spaces in Education. Each session with be about 45 minutes and will feature 2-3 presentations. In between sessions, attendees will have the chance to dine on some pizza. Nom.

In alternative conference style, most of us will not be read papers, but will instead guide attendees through interactive sessions. For example, my presentation will be a hands-on demonstration of walking pedagogies. It will also provide a brief overview of a mobilities theories analysis I conducted on the use of walking pedagogies. Other presenters will lead attendees through deconstructing racialized spaces, exploring the emotional connections we have with space (specifically school spaces), and discussing the politics of how different spaces contain, exclude, or present opportunities for change.

We hope that you will attend and encounter some new ways to think about the way space matters in education.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at  

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