See you in D.C for NCGE 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 6.06.43 PMThe summer is winding down, and as geography educators know, that means NCGE time!

NCGE is always a fun conference that brings together map nerds, geography teachers, and other educators looking to implement more geography content into their classrooms. There is a nice combination of practitioner presentations and teaching demonstrations/workshops, as well as a good smattering of research presentations. The vibe is laid-back, but still very much engaged. NCGE was where I gave my first academic conference presentation, and what a great place it was to do it – I immediately felt welcomed and supported by a great group of teachers and researchers devoted to geography education. All in all, this is a wonderful (first or twentieth) conference to attend. You are guaranteed make some new friends and come away with a lot of great new ideas!

This year, I’ll be giving two presentations:

(1) A workshop geared toward for teachers and university educators on using social media and photography to teach geographic concepts (lesson prompts, and implementation instructions included, woo!) – August 7, 9:30-10:45  in State Room, JW Marriott 

(2) A paper session on thinking about mapping as a form of inquiry with students across different age groups (co-written with Erin Adams) – August 7, 2:30 – 3:45pm in Salon H, JW Marriott 

I hope to see you there! Stay tuned – I’ll be posting tweets and content pertaining to the sessions I attend and give.

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