Three Minute Theory

Let’s face it. Reading theory is hard. Sure, participating in mental gymnastics is fun, but it can also be incredibly frustrating when you get stuck on individual concepts and words. Three Minute Theory is an answer to this frustration. A couple of colleagues and I create short, three minute videos that describe complex theoretical concepts. Because sometimes, even the Wikipedia page can be confusing! To see our video channel, click here.

To date, our videos have nearly 175 000 views, have garnered thousands of likes, a list of 1500 subscribers, and received positive feedback (as well as some nice trolling, thx!) from viewers all over the world.

How did we get started? Read the Origin Story. 

Want to see a sample video and a short description of how and why I find it useful? Here it be. 


3 thoughts on “Three Minute Theory

  1. Dear Stacey –

    I am so grateful to you for making this awesome video.

    I can now save myself so much breath to prime people
    about rhizomatic thinking = thanks to you.

    I would like to use a link to this video as “pre-requisite watching”
    for a pedagogy presentation I am giving on my “diss work”

    I realize that a link is public –
    I am still asking for your blessing to use it –
    as an enactment of the kind of respectful world i want to live in –

    I will of course credit you and reference your blog.

    If you would like to connect with me more – or if you have any questions:
    I subscribed so you should have access to my email.

    So excited about your three minute theory series!

    animal prufrock

    1. Of course you may use it! Thank you for your kind words! We’re hoping to make more videos soon, but hopefully what we have out already is helpful 🙂

      All the best,


  2. Thank you. This video is eggszactly what I needed! Even if you never make another video – you have helped my world tremendously with this one!

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