Sample Video

The video below was our first Three Minute Theory video. It is an introduction to Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s (1980/1987) concept of the rhizome which is a popular term right now in poststructural and new materialist research to think about what connections do, and how they matter in different processes. This video might help those who have opened up A Thousand Plateaus for the first time, or who recently attended an academic conference where they could have played Deleuzean buzzword bingo.

In my own courses, I have introduced the idea of the rhizome to pre-service teachers who are just starting to make sense of the complex space of classroom. Specifically, I have used this video in several classes I teach to help students think about the other ways that relationships can be understood beyond hierarchies and binaries, and why that’s useful. It helps people conceptualize that most things in the world are not this or that, or black and white, and are instead a whole bunch of things all at once. These ideas have been helpful in prompting preservice teachers to think (differently) about the classroom, their students, and the ways learning occurs.