Active Learning Consultations

StockSnap_1KOT8HDPAXStudents bored & disengaged? 

Snapchat dominating their attention? 

Feeling glued to your lectern and afraid to move out from its safety?  

Have a high-stakes teaching evaluation coming up?

Whether you are an experienced K-12 teacher, a veteran university or college professor, a teaching assistant, or a student teacher, promoting engagement with your students is so important but can be difficult to achieve.

Using the power of the internet and digital video, I offer online consultations of classroom practice for teachers of all levels and across all settings.

I focus on helping teachers develop and refine active learning techniques that can boost student engagement, performance, and interest.

How does it work?

Consultations are free and personalized.

  1. Initial online meeting to outline your goals and expectations.
  2. Share a short video of your teaching practice.
  3. Receive my written or verbal feedback.

Sound interesting and want to learn more?