Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.25.53 PMI’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to engage in research with exceptional colleagues during my academic career. I work on research projects that explore: the use of aesthetics in social studies education (with Jim Garrett), gender performativity at college football games and selfies (with Mardi Schmeichel and Chris Linder) and technology use in teacher education and professional development (with Mardi Schmeichel and Sonia Janis).

Erin Adams and I also collaborate frequently on research and practitioner projects. We recently published a piece (described here) about Visual Thinking Strategies for the social studies classroom,  and have another manuscript in preparation about exploring the possibility of “intra-disciplinarity.” We have given numerous conferences presentations as well as practitioner workshops together on topics related to teaching methods, social studies education, and Three Minute Theory.

In all of these varied projects, I bring a geographic perspective to think about the importance of space and spatial compositions in each of the individual research contexts.