Teaching Evaluations

I have a strong track record in preparing and enacting engaging classes that are a hit with students. I use feedback from students (in both official and midterm evaluations) to adjust my course delivery and keep interest high. Below are some of my evaluations that show performance in geography content courses and teacher education courses.

Semester Evaluations from Central Michigan University

Fall Semester 2017

fall2017_sossummarySpring Semester 2017

Fall Semester 2016

Sample Evaluations from the University of Miami and the University of Georgia

The University of Miami – Fall Semester 2011

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.39.50 AM

The University of Georgia – Fall 2014 – ESOC 5010/7010 Teaching Geography

Overall Evaluation Mean: 4.8/5.0

Please provide feedback on the instructor(s) of this class.

  • Awesome!
  • Class was well organized.
  • Excellent class, excellent instruction and communication.
  • Great environment and activities to further learning
  • I really enjoyed this class because she used a variety of activities every class and would show us different lessons that we could use in our classroom. We were introduced so a lot of new technology that was very interesting and useful.
  • I really learned a lot in this class!
  • It was done very well. Stacy knew exactly everything needed to know about the content. I was very impressed of her knowledge on te subject.
  • She was great!
  • Stacey was a good instructor. She was prepared each class and was genuinely interested in each of us as individuals and our learning. She made the class interesting and fun and allowed us to go places to experience what we were learning in the classroom.
  • Stacey was an extremely effective educator and provided excellent instruction that was engaging and interactive. Using Evernote was absolutely fantastic.
  • Stacey was well organized, and always had interesting instruction. She made everything relevant.
  • The combination of an online and in class course was very user friendly. I loved the evernote set up allowing me to be better organized and keep up with assignments. All of The lessons were relevant and will be tools for my future class.
  • The instruction to the class great. It was detailed and specific.
  • The instruction was great. I never knew that geography could be so interesting. Stacey did an amazing job of engaging us in the information.
  • The instructions were always clear and concise.
  • The instructor taught in a new way that I had not been instructed in before that forced me to use more technology which is good in this tech savvy age.
  • This class was very uniquely structured but Stacey was an awesome teacher! She really knows her geography!

Please provide feedback on the content and format of this class.

  • Content was plentiful and engaging.
  • I enjoyed learning all of the content in this course. It presented geography in a way that I have never viewed geography before.
  • I find it all interesting. It really has me thinking of teaching human geography
  • In depth taught me a lot about geography
  • Relevant and most up to date technology and content was used throughout the class.
  • The content touched on multiple geography topics that are important to understand.
  • The content was actually very interesting.
  • The content was awesome. It was really interesting to see how different events in the world relate to geography.
  • The content was good. We were able to effectively learn about all types of geography and how we can teach those concepts in a classroom.
  • The content was original and unique and very helpful for my future teaching experience.
  • The content was very interesting and really made you think in a new way. I learned a lot of interesting stuff about geography and now have a new perspective on it.
  • The instructor assigned meaningful work that translated well into my career.
  • This class was very interesting. The content was very different than I thought it was going to be. I was expecting to just learn where places were located, but I learned a lot about geography as a whole and how the space shapes the social and the social shapes our space.
  • This content was very relevant to my future profession, and taught me that geography is more than just maps.
  • This course covered a very wide variety of topics within geography, and I think this was a huge strength of the class.
  • Very interesting!
  • Very useful in understanding what geography juiii8iujn

What else would you like to say about this class?

  • Amazing, it was never the same. so many cool ideas and assignments.
  • Class was formatted well
  • Effectively organized.
  • Great change of pace between activities lectures and videos along with field trips
  • Great mix of in class, online and onsite instruction.
  • I loved it!
  • I really liked how each week focused on a new topic, and I also enjoyed the incorporation of technology in all of the homework, classwork, and projects.
  • I really liked it.
  • I thought the format of the class was great.
  • Once a week was fine, but I really did enjoy the class. I would always look forward to class.
  • The class was formatted good, between having a mix of classes in Aderhold and also places like Prince Avenue and the UGA maps library and north campus. We did a good mix of groups, different types of discussion and different activities.
  • The format was clear and up front. Everything was detailed in the syllabus.
  • The format was good, but would have been difficult if I did not have the appropriate technology.
  • This class only met once a week and was very manageable I enjoyed the format!
  • Very organized


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